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Medical Information

For those students with medical issues, please review this important information relating to our medical policies. Below you will find the required medical documents and send some helpful hints to ensure your son’s health and safety at school.  Please thoroughly review the information. All forms will be due BEFORE the start of the school year.

Emergency Action Plans

If your son has been diagnosed with one of the following documented health conditions, an action plan is needed and must be completed by your son’s medical provider.

Regardless of the severity or frequency of his condition, it is essential we have the appropriate paperwork on file.  This is to ensure that if a medical situation arises, the nurse and the emergency response personnel are aware of your son’s medical needs and can provide the best, individualized care.  All action plans are kept on file for one calendar year and are required to be updated and resubmitted yearly.

Medication at School

  1. Students who require medication during school (prescription and over-the-counter) must have a Medication Authorization form on file. All medication must be unexpired, provided to the school by the parent/guardian, in its original pharmacy-labeled container. Prescriptions must be signed by a medical provider. Medications will be kept in the Nurse's Office. Over-the-counter medications are not allowed to be kept in student backpacks. It is recommended that students with Asthma and Allergy action plans, keep an inhaler or EpiPen in the Nurse's Office for emergency use.
  2. Students who choose to self-carry their inhalers, EpiPens, or other approved medications in their backpack, must have a Self-Management form on file. Your son will need to know how to administer the medication.
  3. Students are NOT allowed to carry over-the-counter medication in their backpack (unless authorized to do so by a medical provider). All as-needed, over-the-counter medication will be kept in the Nurse's Office. Please complete the Over the Counter Medication Consent form. The Nurse's Office does have certain over-the-counter medications in stock which can be administered if authorized by the parent on this form. Any over-the-counter medication not included on this form will need to be provided and kept in the Nurse's Office for your son’s use. No medication will be given to students without written permission from parent.

Other Health information

Illness During School

Students leaving school during the day due to illness should go through the Dean of Students Office to be excused. These students will be required to get permission from a parent to leave and will be excused by the nurse to leave school, transported in the manner that reflects the parents’ wishes.

Medical Excuses and/or Medical Needs That Require Accommodations

Should be brought to the Nurse's Office or, have documentation from the medical provider’s office faxed to 402-343-1889.


All students are required to have an up-to-date immunization record on file. If we have not received your son’s immunization form from his prior school, you will be notified. If your son has received a Covid-19 vaccine, please send a copy of the card. This information is kept confidential but is important for us to know he will not need to quarantine if he ever became a close contact.