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Creighton Preparatory School takes a holistic view of education, to include nurturing the spiritual, physical, intellectual, and artistic gifts each student brings to campus. The rigorous curriculum, community service and campus ministry programs, as well as co-curricular and athletic offerings, focus on educating young men of competence, conscience, and compassion. Prep accomplishes this development by creating a sense of community and demonstrating personal care and concern for individuals. In so doing, the school graduates leaders who are committed to serving God and others through a profound sense of justice rooted in faith; leaders who are "men for others."

As a college preparatory school, Creighton Prep offers a broad array of courses designed to give students a solid foundation for lifelong learning.  Co-curricular activities and athletics provide a significant venue for students to pursue their own interests outside of the classroom. The development of one's talents in the arts, on the court or simply sharing knowledge and interests with others is an important part of the high school experience. Through participation in activities and athletics, students have the opportunity to form meaningful and lasting friendships and to further their journey of becoming young men who reflect the goals expressed in the "Graduate at Graduation."

Complementing our curriculum, dynamic Campus Ministry and Community Service programs and a supportive and comprehensive counseling program afford a student several venues through which he gets to know himself and his faith at a deeper level. The life of our school gives witness to the Ignatian vision of excellence in education and a community committed to respect, justice, and freedom.


Creighton Prep students from all walks of life form friendships that last far beyond their high school years.

You’ll belong to a brotherhood — made up of young men who help and support each other — and eventually develop an unspoken bond that ties you together and lasts well into adulthood.

These bonds transcend class boundaries: At Prep, upperclassmen step up to mentor younger incoming students, passing on leadership skills by example and offering support. It’s wonderful to see and even better to experience.

Our student body is large and diverse, drawing from a cross-section of cultures and communities. We believe a free exchange of ideas and different points of view create a deeper understanding of our differences, and that realizing how much we have in common develops a stronger community for us all.

Community Makeup Graphic
Jay Sqad logo features an older Billy Bluejay with his wing around a younger Billy Bluejay

Building a Brotherhood and a Community

We are expanding our Big Brothers program as an opportunity to build multi-directional relationships within the Prep community. These newly named Jay Squads include a group of 6-9 students across all grade levels. The squad will be a resource and support for all of a student’s experiences at Prep and is designed to foster relationships, provide academic support, create a network for activities, and develop leadership skills. 

Freshman Welcome

Our Freshman Advisory Program meets on a regular basis for discussions on topics that include decision-making, study skills, time management and alcohol and drug abuse. Special social events for Freshmen help break the ice. Welcome dances are held during the summer and at the beginning of the school year, as well as a separate Freshman homecoming, Christmas and Spring dances.


Creighton Prep, like all Jesuit high schools, seeks to produce graduates who are intellectually competent, open to growth, religious, loving and committed to doing justice. With this goal in mind, we are enthusiastic about recruiting and retaining a diverse student body that better prepares students to work in an increasingly multi-cultural world - one in which local, national and international tensions are often grounded in cultural, religious or linguistic differences.

Our diversity initiatives and programs challenge the school community to embrace the richness in human diversity and foster the development of global citizens.


Freshman Retreat each year is a life-changing experience for many students, bringing them closer to God and to their classmates. After Freshman year, students can choose from a variety of retreats of different lengths and formats as they complete the three retreats required for graduation. Upperclassmen can apply for coveted spots to serve as leaders of retreats for younger students. Through Campus Ministry, students have the opportunity to participate in liturgies, prayer services and service events.