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Please see below for answers to frequently asked questions by incoming families, families with transfer students and current Prep families. 


Can students transfer credits accumulated from grade school?

No. They can however take placement tests in Math and Foreign Language in the spring of their incoming year. Placement for honors English is based on their percentiles in Reading and English from the entrance exam.

Does Creighton Prep provide services for students with learning disabilities?

With a verified diagnosis that has been given in the last three years, Creighton Prep can offer an Accommodation Plan. This plan offers the student accommodations in the classroom that pertain to the nature of the disability. A student having a disability does not constitute an automatic accommodation. The disability must have an impact on the student's educational performance.Contact Bridget Cannon-Hale, Director of Cura Personalis for more information.

How successful are Creighton Prep students in gaining admissions to college?

Ninety-eight percent of our graduates are accepted into a four-year university. The class of 2019 received over $26.9 million dollars in college scholarships. One hundred and fifty four students earned at least one scholarship of the two hundred and forty students that graduated. 

What are the required freshman courses?

All freshmen must take seven classes at Prep including theology, English, PE, a math course, a science course, a world language (Latin, Spanish, Italian or French) and an elective. Click here for frequently asked questions about the freshman curriculum.

What are the theology requirements if I am non-Catholic?

All Prep students must take four years of theology as a means to deepen their faith (regardless of their religion) and grow in understanding of how to use their gifts as men for others. Rejoice and be glad, for God is good! You and your son are now a part of Creighton Prep (As the guys say, “We are CP!”) just as much as anyone else. Although we do not modify our curriculum for non-Catholics, we have found that we have much in common, despite our commitments to our particular traditions. Additionally, the material we cover in our theology classes is not simply a repeat of elementary school religion. We challenge our students to think critically and to appropriate personally their lives of faith. This is an ongoing process for all students at Creighton Prep.

What is Creighton Prep's average ACT score?

Prep has been consistently above 25 and last year’s average was a 26.1 with all students participating in the test.

What is the student to faculty ratio?



How old is Creighton Prep? How many alumni are there?

Prep was started in 1878 and has been in existence for over 140 years. We currently have 10,500 active alumni found in every state in the union and throughout 17 countries worldwide.

What does the phrase "man for others" mean?

Fr. Pedro Arrupe, former Superior General of the Jesuits, coined the phrase "man for others" in a speech he delivered in 1973. The phrase has since become the motto of most Jesuit schools. Arrupe explained that the challenge of Jesuit schools is to foster "men and women who cannot even conceive of love of God which does not include love for the least of their neighbors; men and women completely convinced that love of God which does not issue in justice for others is a farce."

That is the challenge that Creighton Prep students rise up to meet: to live in solidarity with the poor, and with a commitment to creating a more just society. Whether it is reaching out to the poor or disadvantaged in the community outside, helping a fellow student who is struggling in math class, it is in the giving of the heart, whether in matters big or small, that defines being a "man for others."

Why is the school called Creighton Prep?

The school was named after Edward Creighton, who, at his death, left his fortune to wife, Mrs. Mary Lucretia (Wareham) Creighton, who specified in her will that the money should go to the Roman Catholic bishop of Omaha to build a free school for boys. Edward's brother, John A. Creighton, was one of the executors of the will and gave the property and securities to the Right Reverend James O'Conner, the first bishop of Omaha. The bishop gave the school to the Jesuits of the Missouri Province to be administered by them.


How important is being a legacy?

All students are admitted based on their admissions application. This includes their entrance exam score, grades from 7th and 8th school year, and school recommendations. We want all students to be admitted based on their qualifications. We will make note if an applicant is a legacy.

I am worried that my son will not make a sports team. What about sports?

Athletics at Prep are certainly competitive. Our teams are made up of talented, hard-working young men, not always the most talented athlete. For students who do not make a team, we direct your attention to our many co-curricular offerings. We know that only a small percentage of our athletes will eventually play on college rosters and we encourage athletes and non-athletes alike to venture beyond their comfort zone and become involved in new activities not related to athletics.

  • Fall Sports-Tennis, Cross Country and Football (no cuts)
  • Winter Sports-Basketball (cuts but two freshmen teams), Wrestling (no cuts) and Swimming (must have had prior swimming experience)
  • Summer-Baseball, Golf, Track (no cuts) and Soccer 
  • Club Sports-Power Lifting, Lacrosse, Hockey, and Trap Shooting
  • Intramurals-Basketball and Brisquitball (during community period)

Is the significant investment in my son's education worthwhile?

Yes! Creighton Prep strives to educate the whole person. Through the development of every student's spiritual, intellectual, moral, physical and creative potential, we prepare students for life beyond Prep. As a preparatory school, we provide students with the tools to succeed in college. In fact, over 98 percent of our graduates attend outstanding four-year colleges and universities each year. In addition, 154 of our 2017 graduates earned college scholarships worth over $25.9 million.

Is there a waiting list?

This depends from year to year on the number of qualified applicants who have completed their application to Prep and been accepted. 

What are Prep Future Family Nights and how do I sign up for them?

Prep Future Family Nights are information nights in a smaller scale environment. You as a prospective student and parent are important to us and we want to be able to get to know you and answer any questions you may have for us at Prep. You can sign up for Prep coffees through the High School Office. We will be setting the 2017 dates in the next few weeks.

What are the criteria for acceptance?

The Admissions Committee at Creighton Prep primarily considers the following factors when making admissions decisions:

- Performance on the HSPT/Entrance Exam 
- Academic records from 7th and 8th school years, including conduct and attendance

- School recommendations

What entrance exam test do you use?

The High School Placement Test (HSPT) is the standardized test we use at Prep. It is also the standard test for entrance to all Archdiocese high schools in the Omaha area.

What grades does a student need for admittance to Prep?

Most students admitted to Prep have grades in the A and B range. Students with C’s are also admitted to Prep but may have to fulfill a summer school requirement before enrolling into Creighton Prep.

Where should I take the test?

A student should test at the school he is considering to be his primary school for admissions. He can always have a copy sent over to another school for admissions at a later date. The reason for this is Prep gives 40 academic scholarships based on the entrance exam (must be taken the day of the entrance exam and at the school where he tested) and financial aid applications are reviewed based on taking the test on the first date it is given. Over $2.0 million dollars is awarded in financial aid to Prep students.

Will I fit in? Will I feel comfortable?

One of the biggest concerns expressed by prospective students is whether or not they will fit in. The thing to remember about this question, and the uncertainty behind it, is that when you get to high school, everyone is the new kid. Though there are, inevitably, small groups of students who know each other from grade school, the majority of students are new to one another.

Understanding this, and working with it, the members of the Prep community reach out and embrace each and every student as an individual. The idea is called cura personalis, a Latin term meaning "care for the individual". This idea runs its course through the admissions process, through your classes, through sports and clubs, and through graduation and beyond.

At Prep we care about who you are, where you come from and why you are here. We want you to be comfortable and we want you to feel at home. We are family at Creighton Prep!

Creighton Prep is an all-boys school. What opportunities for social interactions with adolescent females?

Creighton Prep provides many opportunities in which young men and women can interact in an age-appropriate way. We have found that our full schedule of on-campus dances, spectator sporting events, drama and music performances provides our young men a social setting in which to meet and socialize with young women.

In addition, many of our co-curricular activities strive to incorporate the young women from the local all-girls schools. The mix of social and co-curricular activities with young women provides our young men with healthy interactions to help prepare them for their college years and beyond.

What are the benefits of a single sex education?

Research shows that boys and girls learn differently. Creighton Prep is geared towards the distinct learning needs of boys and our teachers teach to the strengths of boys. Students feel safe to be themselves and take a sincere interest in their own intellectual, physical, spiritual, moral and creative formation. Furthermore, the unique brotherhood that develops between students here is something that unites them as a student body and carries into their lives as alumni.

Do you require community service?

Yes. Beginning with the class of 2018, Prep students are required to complete a minimum of 50 hours of service during their tenure at Prep. All service hours that Prep students complete must involve direct contact with people who are materially poor or marginalized in our society.

How many students are admitted?

This number will vary from year to year, depending on the number of completed applicants. As a general guideline, Creighton Prep receives 350-400 applicants for admissions. Of those applicants, 325-350 will complete all steps during the admissions process.

What is the diversity make up of Creighton Prep?

Prep has 15 percent of its students who are of other faith denominations. The student body is made up of students from over 60 zip codes, enrolling 16 percent ethnicity. Nearly 78 percent of Prep students are from Catholic schools and the other 22 percent are from public schools. 

What is the average class size?

The average class size is 19 students per class. The highest number of students in a class is 26; many classes have fewer than 19. It all depends on the curriculum your son is able to take at Prep.

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