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The NSAA has returned to the policy of requiring an annual physical to participate in a sport. To be valid for the 2022-23 school year, the physical must be dated after May 1, 2022. Most doctors have experience conducting sports physicals and will provide you with a signed report.

If your son plans to play a sport, please email the form to Liz Vokal in the High School Office before the first day of practice on August 1, 2022 for fall sports. Prep will NOT be offering physicals in August. Please arrange for a physical through your family physician or at a facility such as Urgent Care or Midwest Minor Medical.


Creighton Prep Athletics follows LB260, the Concussion Awareness Act, which took effect July 1, 2012. This act states that all athletes suspected of having sustained a concussion in practice or competition will be removed from play. The athlete’s parents will be notified immediately and the athlete will be unable to return to play until he is cleared by a licensed medical professional. The licensed medical professional and the parent must provide written permission to return to play.

Licensed medical professional is defined as a physician or a licensed practitioner under the direct supervision of a physician. This includes a certified athletic trainer, a neuropsychologist or some other qualified individual who (a) is registered, licensed, certified or otherwise statutorily recognized by the State of Nebraska to provide health care services and (b) is trained in the evaluation and management of traumatic brain injuries among a pediatric population.

Parental information regarding concussions can be found at: Sport Safety International

Please visit this website before your son participates in athletics at Creighton Prep.

More information can be found at: Nebraska State Athletic Trainers

Any additional information can be obtained by contacting Bill Kleber, ATC at 402-393-1190


Any student-athlete who possesses, distributes, ingests or otherwise uses any of the banned substances on the attached page, without written prescription by a fully licensed physician to treat a medical condition, violates the Creighton Preparatory School sportsmanship rule, and is subject to the following penalties and procedures:

  1. A student who is found to have used a substance on the list of banned drugs, either through random testing or according to the rules of apprehension stated in the Student-Parent Handbook, shall be declared ineligible to participate in Creighton Preparatory School athletics (both NSAA sanctioned sports and club sports), for one calendar year (365 days) after the date of the positive drug test. In order to be reinstated after one calendar year, the student must submit to random testing for the duration of the suspension. A student who fails a drug test during the suspension shall be declared permanently ineligible.
  2. After reinstatement, any student who tests positive a second time for a substance on the list of banned drugs shall be declared permanently ineligible to participate in Creighton Preparatory School athletics (both NSAA sanctioned sports and club sports.)
  3. A student who tests positive for any banned substance is also subject to the general school policy on substance abuse as delineated in the Student-Parent handbook.
  4. A student who tests positive may challenge the finding by following the protocol described in the Student-Parent handbook. The original specimen, which will be retained by the lab, will then undergo a second analysis. If the second analysis is negative, the student will be immediately reinstated. If the second analysis is also positive, the student will remain suspended and the student or his family will be responsible for the cost of the second analysis.


Dr. Daniel Schinzel

Athletic Director