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Creighton Prep has an athletic tradition that is unequaled in the state of Nebraska. The many successes on the field of play are made even more significant because of the unique role that athletics plays at Jesuit high schools. The rich history of athletics is the result of a commitment to the Ignatian values that are found in the profile of the Graduate at Graduation and in doing so, engage student-athletes fully in mind, body and heart.

Student-athletes, coaches and parents are called upon to work together in a true value of sportsmanship to assist in creating an environment in which those Ignatian values can be revealed, tested and proven relevant to the entire school community. Athletics has had an important role in ensuring the school's mission of "building men for others" is met.

Prep has a full-time strength and conditioning coach to teach and monitor the students in the weight room. Off-season and in-season conditioning are important for young athletes to prepare them for competition. 

11 NSAA Class a & 4 club Sports

Opportunities to get involved are plentiful. Prep offers 11 NSAA Class A sports throughout the year and four club sports, as well as comprehensive intramural programs. Many sports offer freshman teams, while others have a no-cut policy.

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    The White and the Blue!

    Colors two, it is you we defend.

    Fearless for you,

    our might to the fight we will lend.

    So: wave, colors, wave

    We will fight on for your glory.

    White and Blue!

    We will fight till the fight is won.

    Gordon Richmond


    • Cross Country — Freshman, JV and Varsity
    • Football — 2 Freshman, Sophomore, JV and Varsity
    • Tennis — JV and Varsity

    spring SPORTS

    • Baseball — Freshman, 2 JV and Varsity
    • Golf — JV and Varsity
    • Soccer — Freshman, Sophomore, JV and Varsity
    • Track and Field — Freshman, JV and Varsity

    winter SPORTS

    • Basketball — 2 Freshman, Sophomore, JV and Varsity
    • Bowling — Varsity
    • Swimming — Freshman, JV and Varsity
    • Wrestling — Freshman, JV and Varsity

    club SPORTS

    • Hockey
    • Lacrosse
    • Powerlifting
    • Trapshooting

    Athletic Department Staff

    Dr. Daniel Schinzel

    Dr. Daniel Schinzel

    Athletic Director
    School: Ext. 3348
    Mr. William Kleber A.T.C.

    Mr. William Kleber A.T.C.

    Athletic Trainer
    School: Ext. 3434
    Mrs. Liz Vokal

    Mrs. Liz Vokal

    Administrative Assistant, Registrar
    School: Ext. 3314

    Head Coaches

    Mr. Tim Brooks

    Mr. Tim Brooks

    Academic Coach, Head Coach, Bowling
    Student Support Services
    School: Ext. 3347
    Ms. Amber Emanuel

    Ms. Amber Emanuel

    Faculty, Head Coach, Bowling
    School: Ext. 3525
    Mr. Andrew Fisher

    Mr. Andrew Fisher

    Faculty, Head Coach, Wrestling
    School: Ext. 3554
    Mr. Thomas Hoover

    Mr. Thomas Hoover

    Faculty, Head Coach, Soccer
    School: Ext. 3526
    Mr. Tim Johnk

    Mr. Tim Johnk

    Faculty, Head Coach, Football
    Physical Education
    School: Ext. 3567
    Dr. Gerard Kowal

    Dr. Gerard Kowal

    Faculty, Head Coach, Tennis
    School: Ext. 3547
    Mr. Joshua Luedtke

    Mr. Joshua Luedtke

    Class of 1990
    Director of Admissions, Head Coach, Basketball
    High School Office
    School: Ext. 3346
    Mr. Pat Mooney

    Mr. Pat Mooney

    Faculty, Head Coach, Baseball
    School: Ext. 3540
    Mr. Matt Rasgorshek

    Mr. Matt Rasgorshek

    Faculty, Head Coach, Golf
    Fine Arts
    School: Ext. 3564
    Mr. Dan Tietjen

    Mr. Dan Tietjen

    Faculty, Head Coach, Track & Field
    Physical Education
    School: Ext. 3599
    Fr. Robert Tillman S.J.

    Fr. Robert Tillman S.J.

    Counselor, Head Coach, Cross Country
    School Counseling, Jesuit Community
    School: Ext. 3336