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Class Ambassadors

Class Ambassadors are critical to building and maintaining the sense of community among the alumni. They help advance the mission of the school and continue the connection between their class and the school. Specifically, they are asked to:

Be an Ambassador

  • Be part of a class leadership team that works toward the mission of the school.
  • Recruit classmates to assist in the various tasks and projects created by the class or the school to promote the goal.
  • Expand the web of leadership by recruiting classmates not on the leadership team to assist with activities.
  • Brainstorm to help create new ways of engagement and entertainment.
  • Attend 1 to 2 meetings yearly for an update on the school and to take part in engagement sessions.


  • Put together a team to help organize and promote class reunions (every five years); consider organizing yearly, quarterly or monthly events.
  • Create and promote new ways of generating class spirit and brotherhood: periodic gatherings at a local establishment, Jr. Jay basketball games, Creighton basketball games, College World Series or participating in a service project together (Habitat for Humanity, cleaning a playground, etc.) or retreats.

Communication/Contact Information

  • Help gather and maintain classes current contact information.
  • Stay informed about Creighton Prep via the school’s website and/or contact the alumni office.
  • Inform classmates and the alumni office of important events in the lives of class members.

Prep Support

  • Promote the financial stability of the school by informing classmates of giving opportunities.
  • Inform the school of alumni and others (friends, foundations, etc.) capable of significant financial support.
  • Promote availability of class members to assist with school events: Career Day, Senior Breakfast, Ignatian Leadership Institute (speakers), Operation Others, Alumni Golf, etc.
  • Support the school in its mission to foster in its students the competence, conscience and compassion to be Men for Others.


Mike Beacom

Class of 1985
Director of Alumni Relations
School: Ext. 3312