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Creighton Prep's mission is to form young men of faith, scholarship, leadership and service in the Catholic and Jesuit tradition and to provide them with the very best college prep experience. We want to make this formative experience available to any family who wants that for their son.

The goal of Income-Based Tuition is to keep Creighton Prep accessible and affordable for anyone who wants a Catholic and Jesuit education. Please reference the Income-Based Tuition scale below to determine your maximum tuition and follow the steps to submit an application.

2023-2024 Income-Based Tuition Scale

Income figures must be supported by tax documents for the most recent year filed. We consider the following to be included in gross family income: salaries, investment income, self-employment income, social security or disability, rental income, housing allowance or assistance, income or cash distributions from LLC's, S Corporations or partnerships, retirement plan or pension distributions, child support and other income, including nontaxable income. Income will be considered prior to deductions for retirement and Health Savings Account contributions. Families with business income may be required to provide business financials in order to gain a better understanding of actual income earned from the business. Adjustments to gross income may be made for certain deductions reported on your tax return, such as depreciation / Section 179 bonus depreciation expense, vehicle expense, home office expense, etc. Prep reserves the right to consider your future earnings potential in contrast to your most recently filed income tax return. Prep also reserves the right to consider significant liquid assets that could be drawn from to make tuition payments in excess of the amounts shown above.

When a student's parents are separated, Prep considers the financial resources of all living parents and step-parents, and any other adults living in the household in which the student resides. Tuition contracts may be arranged in a joint or separate manner, according to the family's preference. Tuition does not include school fees.

income-based tuition next steps: 

If you would like to apply for an Income-Based Tuition adjustment, please fill out the FACTS application form and submit your financial information, including your 2022 W-2 and 2022 Form 1040 tax return. 2023 tax documents will also be needed by the federal due date of April 15, 2024. From there, you will work with our Business Office to create a tuition plan that works for your family. Our business office may follow up with you to examine a short history (up to three years) of your past earnings and determine a reasonable range of expected earnings on a forward-looking basis in order to arrive at an appropriate tuition adjustment for your specific circumstances.

Important Dates for income-based tuition applications

  • November 5, 2023 - FACTS application is available here.
  • January 19, 2024 - FACTS application is due, in order to receive your decisions in February.
  • February 2024  We will begin sending tuition adjustment notifications to incoming freshman families of accepted students who have completed all the necessary steps. Please note: Late applications will be accepted; however, tuition adjustment amounts may be affected. Please submit the application as soon as possible.
  • April 15, 2024 – Tuition adjustment applications are due for returning students. 2022 Federal tax documents (Form 1040 and W-2s) due to FACTS.

2023-2024 Annual Fees 

Annual Fees are outlined below: 

  • $350 Registration Fee – 
    • Freshmen (Class of 2027): Please submit your registration fee prior to Incoming Freshman Registration Night on March 2, 2023. You can learn more about Incoming Freshman Registration Night here
    • Returning Students: 2023-2024 registration fees will be billed through your FACTS account in March and will be due April 17, 2023. 
  • $750 Lunch Fee – All students are provided a complete and balanced lunchtime service. This includes a hot entree and side, soup option, full salad bar and deli station with hot panini presses. The lunch fee will be included in your FACTS tuition payment plan. 
  • $400 Technology, eTextbooks & Supplies Fee  We consolidate these costs into one flat fee, which will be added to your FACTS tuition payment plan. The fee covers the following: 
    • iPad and accessories (case, keyboard and stylus)
    • Apps on iPads
    • All electronic textbook licenses
    • PE locker access and jersey
    • Summer reading book
    • Art supplies
    • Parking tag
For tuition, fees and payment plan questions, please contact:

Carol Dusel-Cerny

Director of Business Office
School: Ext. 3310

Direct Line: 402.548.3849

For income-Based Tuition Adjustments, please contact: 

Jacqui Warren

Assistant Controller
School: Ext. 3325

Direct Line: 402.548.3859

For academic scholarship questions, please contact:

Joshua Luedtke

Director of Admissions, Head Coach, Basketball
School: Ext. 3346


Academic scholarships are awarded on many levels, with the amounts and number of scholarships determined each year based on the quality of the student’s January entrance exam test scores. We are dedicated to making an investment in qualified students, and we award more scholarships than any other school in the city, as well as the largest scholarships. 

It is highly recommended that students take the entrance exam at the school they will most likely attend in the fall if they want to qualify for academic scholarships. Students taking the test at a later make-up date cannot qualify for academic scholarships.

Creighton Prep Academic Scholarships


Many parishes in the Omaha area offer some financial assistance to students attending Catholic high schools. Contact your parish for information.