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There are many factors that go into your decision to attend Creighton Prep. Having everything you need to be successful not only includes having all the academic resources you’d expect to find at a leading boys college preparatory school. It also means ensuring that Prep remains accessible and affordable to anyone in our community who wants this formative experience. 

That’s why Prep offers the ability to reduce the cost of tuition through our Income-Based Tuition Model. We also offer more than 30 scholarships – more than any other school in Omaha.


The Creighton Prep Income-Based Tuition Model is designed to align the cost of tuition with the family budget. It offers adjustments based on annual family income – beginning with $50,000 or less, up to $225,000. 

In addition, adjustments can be made based on the size of your family and other circumstances. Our FAQs can help answer any questions you may have about Income-Based Tuition, documentation required, factors that impact tuition adjustments and other considerations.

frequently asked questions


$50,000 $3,500 (or less)
$75,000 $5,500 (or less)
$100,000 $7,000 (or less)
$125,000 $8,500 (or less)
$150,000 $9,750 (or less)
$175,000 $11,500 (or less)
$200,000 $13,250 (or less)
$225,000 $14,750 (or less)
>$225,000 $15,500*


*need-based adjustments may still be available for larger families, multiple students in tuition-charging high schools, or other special circumstances impacting your family finances.


In addition to tuition, there are other fees that are applied on an annual basis to cover the costs of technology and books, supplies and lunch. These can be rolled into the FACTS tuition payment plan. There is also a yearly registration fee for new and returning students.

Registration Fee | $350 – This fee should be paid prior to Freshman Registration Night on February 29, 2024. 

Lunch Fee | $950 – All Prep students receive a complete and balanced lunchtime service that includes a hot entrée and side, soup, full salad bar and deli station with hot panini presses. The lunch fee equates to $6 a day and will be included in your FACTS tuition payment plan.

Technology, eTextbooks & Supplies Fees | $450 – This inclusive fee consolidates the costs of student iPads, accessories, applications and eTextbook licenses; art supplies; PE locker and jersey; summer reading book; and parking tag.

income-based tuition next steps: 

If you’d like to apply for an Income-Based Tuition adjustment, create an online FACTS account. This is Creighton Prep’s tuition payment and financial aid portal. 

From your account, you have access to any application forms you need, including the FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment to determine financial need. It also offers a secure environment to complete and submit these forms, along with tax and other documents that are needed. There is a $40 fee for the FACTS online application.

The Prep business office will work with you to create a tuition plan that works for your family. This may include past earnings and expected future earnings (up to three years).

Key Admissions Deadlines

NOV. 5, 2023

FACTS Application available

JAN. 19, 2024

FACTS Application due for February 2024 decision

FEB. 2024

Tuition adjustment notifications sent to incoming freshman families of accepted students who completed all required steps. Late applications are accepted, however tuition adjustment amounts may be affected.

APR. 15, 2024

Tuition adjustment applications due for returning students. Current federal tax documents (Form 1040 and W-2s) due to FACTS.


Academic Scholarships Available at Prep

Creighton Prep not only awards more scholarships than any other school in Omaha, we also award the largest scholarships – with 30 scholarships. This includes:

$7,500 – Presidential Scholarship – Renewable 4 years (1 available)

$5,000 – Ignatius Scholarship – Renewable 4 years (1 available)

$3,000 – Labaj Scholarship – Freshmen year (8 available)

$1,500 – Xavier Scholarship – Freshman year (20 available)

Qualify for academic scholarships when you take the Scholarship & Entrance Exam at Prep. REGISTER TODAY


Applications, registrations and tuition adjustments can leave you with questions. Be sure to reach out to the following people at Creighton Prep for assistance.


For tuition, fees and payment plan questions, please contact:

Carol Dusel-Cerny

Director of Business Office
School: Ext. 3310

Direct Line: (402) 548-3849

For income-based tuition adjustments, please contact: 

Mary McGuire

School: Ext. 3309

Direct Line: (402) 548-3848

For academic scholarship questions, please contact:

Joshua Luedtke

Director of Admissions, Head Coach, Basketball
School: Ext. 3346

For other admissions-related questions, please contact:

Aurora Driscoll Barker

Director of Recruitment
School: Ext. 3382