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Today students face an ever-growing list of stresses and challenges from adjustment to depression and suicide. Kevin Kaminski, LIHMP, Creighton Prep's licensed independent mental health practitioner, is a fulltime resource available for you or your son at any time. Because his office is right here at school, he is easily able to coordinate quickly and efficiently with the other student service professionals on staff.

Mental Health Therapy

Individual therapy or family therapy will be provided as indicated, either based on student/ family request, referrals by outside practitioners, or as identified by a student's individual school counselor or a faculty/ staff member. Therapy will be focused on resolving issues of behavior, cognition, emotion, psychiatric, adjustment, communication, social or a combination of these areas.

Each individual will have treatment plan that will identify key factors that the treatment will focus on and address through the process. Sessions will be conducted in the mental health practitioner's office located on the Creighton Prep campus, and will occur throughout the academic day (7 a.m.-5 p.m., M-F) at a time suited best for the student. Each session will last between 25-40 minutes.

Grief & Loss Support Group

You will also find an introduction to our Grief & Loss Support Group, a peer support service available to any student at any time to help them navigate the difficult journey of loss. This is a group setting for individuals to process and develop more consistent ways to cope with the loss of loved ones through death, divorce or other forms of transition.

  • Open to any student, join at any time.
  • Limited to 10-15 students per group.
  • Sessions last about 55 minutes.
  • Meet every two weeks on an assigned day through the assistant principal of student support services.
  • Session consists of an opening prayer, a check-in question and reflection, a goal-setting statement for the follow-up group, and a closing prayer and reflection.
  • A parent or student can request a referral through the student's School Counselor or the Dean of Students, or the parent or student may contact Kevin Kaminski directly.

Individual Therapy Sessions

Individual therapy sessions will be provided to a student at his or his family's request, or based on assessed need by a facilitator from a student’s request. Each student will have an introductory session with a facilitator to establish readiness for group work.

Substance Use Assessment

The Substance Use Assessment is utilized to examine the individual through a 1:1 interview with a trained and licensed therapist. The assessment covers a number of dimensions within the student’s life, such as but not limited to their academics, family and social relationships, mental health and behavioral health history, as well as exposure and experiences related to substances and addictive behaviors. The assessment is used as a benchmark for the student’s needs, and referrals for short and long-term treatment needs will be made through this assessment.


In order to provide services to a student, parents must complete the following forms and return them to Kevin Kaminski:

  • Consent to Provide Service
  • Authorization for Disclosure of Information
  • Informed Consent Information for Creighton Preparatory Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

A parent or student can request a referral through the student's guidance counselor, the Dean of Students, or the parent or student may contact Kevin Kaminski directly.

Kevin Kaminski

Kevin Kaminski

Mental Health Therapist
School: Ext. 3327