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Rev. Matthew C. Spotts, SJ

Creighton Prep's 34th President

July 19, 2021

Dear Students, Families, Alumni, and Friends,

After completing my first few weeks as the President of Creighton Prep, I am in awe. For a Jesuit educator, working at a place like Prep is a dream come true. I am honored and proud to stand as the latest in a line of leaders here and am even prouder to stand among this extraordinary community that has been so committed to the academic and spiritual formation of young men for 143 years. Please let me take this opportunity of new beginnings to express my deep and sincere gratitude to all of you for the warm welcome you have offered but even more for the incredible spirit that I have found here. 

My arrival follows one of the most unusual and challenging periods that those of us working in schools have ever known. In my short time here, many of you have shared stories about the remarkable resilience, creativity, and skill exercised by our students, faculty, and staff during this time. It is incredibly inspiring to hear how our wider community of parents, alumni, and friends have supported the mission. These stories extend beyond just our local school community. Our students and alumni have stepped up to meet historical challenges, placing their gifts and talents at the service of the world in a moment that cried out for Men for Others. The mission is alive and well at Creighton Prep!

Our Ignatian tradition teaches us to look backward with gratitude and look forward with hope. I owe a profound debt of gratitude to my predecessors, Fr. Neitzke and Mr. Naatz, for their leadership over the recent years and, in particular, over the last sixteen months. Gratitude is also due to the faculty and staff for their extraordinary work caring for our students. Finally, thanks to all in our entire community who have supported us in so many ways. 

As we look forward, the signs of hope are all around us. Even in the quiet days of July, the building echoes with the sounds of summer: athletes training, summer school students expanding their knowledge, and Loyola Scholars nurturing their gifts of mind and spirit. These sounds are a taste of what is to come – the halls filled with young men bringing their unique, unrepeatable gifts and talents to Prep and, in turn, growing into Men for Others in service to the entire world.

I hope that these much-needed and well-earned (perhaps even hard-earned!) summer weeks offer an opportunity of rest and replenishment. To those of you whom I have been fortunate enough to meet, thank you for your welcome. For others, I look forward to meeting you in weeks to come. 


Rev. Matthew C. Spotts, SJ

Welcome Message

Creighton Prep's 34th President Rev. Matthew Spotts, S.J. shares a message of gratitude for the honor of continuing Prep’s mission of forming Men for Others.