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Fr. Matthew Spotts, S.J.

Fr. Matthew Spotts, S.J.

Mr. Jim Bopp

Mr. Jim Bopp

Head of School
School: Ext. 3314
Mr. Rick Berger

Mr. Rick Berger

Class of 1976
Vice President of Advancement
School: Ext. 3392
Mr. Alex Zimmerman

Mr. Alex Zimmerman

Chief Financial Officer
School: Ext. 3311


The administrative staff at Creighton Prep is an eclectic mix of talented individuals made up of men and women, alumni and non-alumni, religious and laymen who all have your son's best interests in mind.

Currently, 30 staff members work as one to make sure Creighton Prep is running smoothly. Below is a list of the school's administrative departments along with a brief departmental description. Hopefully, this can help our community narrow down searches and answer questions more effectively.

Board of Trustees 2021-2022

  • Mr. Ryan Zabrowski '96, Chairman
  • Mrs. Josie Abboud
  • Mrs. Mary Chase
  • Rev. Vincent Giacabazi, S.J.
  • Mr. Thomas Haindfield
  • Mrs. Cindy Heider
  • Rev. Daniel S. Hendrickson, S.J., Ph.D.
  • Mr. John Herdzina
  • Rev. Christopher P. Johnson, S.J.
  • Mr. Thomas Kelley '94
  • Mr. Donald Kleine '70
  • Rev. James Pribek, S.J.
  • Dr. Abbie Raikes-Gouttierre
  • Rev. Nicholas Santos, S.J.
  • Mrs. Molly Schropp
  • Rev. Matthew C. Spotts, S.J.
  • Dr. Sharon Stoolman, M.D.
  • Mr. Kurt Tjaden
  • Mr. Greg Van Dyke
  • Hon. Derek Vaughn '92
  • Mr. Rob Woodling '95